February 2010

Dear Kevin,

Ten thousand thank you's cannot convey the gratitude we feel for the successful completion of our computer project with you through Jericho Road.

As you know, it was a daunting prospect to add a new computer to Bread and Roses Housing's (BRH's) "one computer office", choosing the appropriate hardware, transferring files, updating and utilizing new software, networking the data, and attending to the security and back up needs of their expanded computer system.

You have been so incredibly helpful in every way. Not only were all tasks completed so professionally and efficiently, but you did so in a way that was truly sensitive to BRH's computer-related concerns (even when it was difficult to fully articulate what those concerns were).

The job you so generously undertook was multi-leveled and complex, and you embraced each step and stage with unlimited enthusiasm that only grew - from our meeting many months ago, to this successful completion date. Thank you for guiding this nonprofit through this process and for being ever-ready to respond to calls and questions with prompt attention and action.

Because of your help, Bread and Roses Housing is better able to carry out the important work of providing homes to very low income families who need affordable and sustainable housing options. This project truly depicts the type of nonprofit partnerships that we at Jericho Road look forward to creating in the Lawrence community. Thank you for your generosity and service.

Mary Marra

Executive Director

Bread & Roses Housing

Joan Kulash

Executive Director

Jericho Road Lawrence