April 2009

I am writing to recommend Kevin Marino, d/b/a Kimmy Enterprises. I was introduced to Kevin several years ago by a longtime friend whom I had not seen in several years. My friend had called Kevin in on numerous occasions to provide various computer hardware and software solutions and recommended him to me. Based on his recommendation, I decided to call Kevin in on several occasions when I had computer problems. After Kevin performed admirably in solving these initial problems when it became necessary to upgrade my computer systems, I decided to purchase the new equipment from Kevin. Kevin’s prices are very reasonable. He goes out of his way to find the best possible prices available and provides alternative price packages so you can best meet your needs given you r budget constraints. I have since purchased new equipment from Kevin and have upgraded other computers several times.

I have also concluded that it is more cost effective to have Kevin install any new software and upgrades on my computers because of the difficulties and time wasted by me in the past in trying to install them myself.

In my accounting practice, I treat my clients not as sources of revenue but instead as friends who pay for my services. I have found that Kevin treats his clients in the same way. He truly believes that one should treat others as you would have them treat you.

Based on my experience with Kevin, I believe that he offers a cost effective and timely service delivered with a concern for your needs and your budget. If you have questions concerning my recommendation, please call me at the above number.

Andrew K Baxter